Global Development Group (GDG) is set to develop a supercomputer in Morlaix, France.

The company purchased around 10,000 sqm (107,640 sq ft) of land in December 2023 for the development, which is located in the Kergariou airport area of Morlaix, for €550,000 ($600,000).

Morlaix, France – Thesupermat via Creative commons

The company said the supercomputer will be housed in a data center with an IT capacity of 5MW, and its resources will be available to local businesses.

GDG is set to invest around €15 million ($16.36m) in the supercomputer, and construction will launch in the fall of 2024. Once operational, it is expected that around 15 jobs will be created at the site.

“The high-density calculator in Morlaix will make it possible to meet the needs of local businesses of all sizes because we see an explosion in demand for modeling and simulation calculations,” said Michel Carmona, president of GDG.

DCD has contacted GDG for additional information.

GDG is also developing similar-sized supercomputer projects across France, including in Méaulte, Picardy, and another is being considered in Tourcoing. The company is also developing a 40MW supercomputer project in Bruyères-le-Châtel, in Essonne, which is expected to be commissioned in 2024 and is the result of €190m ($207.3m) of investment.

France is currently home to the Adastra supercomputer which is hosted and operated by CINES in Montpellier. Adastra was delivered in October 2023 and received an upgrade in December. The latest recorded peak performance suggested Adastra had a peak performance of 46.1 petaflops and 319,072 cores.

France was also selected as the host of the European Commission's second exascale supercomputer. It will be housed and operated by the Jules Verne Consortium.