French telco Prosoluce has installed solar panels on a new data center in Haute-Garonne, in the Occitanie region of southwestern France.

Prosoluce solar panel
– Prosoluce

The company announced the inauguration of an installation of 160 photovoltaic solar panels, totaling a capacity of 80kWp.

The installation was carried out in collaboration with Cassagne Électrcité, a local company in Saint-Gaudens.

The company has also signed a green energy deal with French electric utility cooperative company Enercoop for the supply of green energy.

Prosoluce is a small telecom operator and host formed in 2007. The company broke ground on the data center early last year and building work seems largely complete.

Specifications of the new facility haven’t been shared, but 80kW is unlikely to cover the needs of a data hall.

The new data center is the company’s first fully owned facility. Most of the company’s infrastructure was previously hosted in a Toulouse data center which was commissioned in 2014.