A joint venture between colocation specialist Etix Everywhere and investment trusts Ngoya and Africa Investment Group (AIG), called Ngoya Etix DC, is planning a data center in Accra, Ghana.

The facility will be built to meet Uptime Institute’s Tier IV standards, and in its first phase, will offer space for approximately 150 racks. For the sake of redundancy, Ngoya Etix DC is planning a second data center in the country, which will be used for disaster recovery purposes.

Adaptability is key

To deal with the energy issues associated with building a resilient data center in sub-Saharan Africa, where the grid tends to be unreliable, Etix Energy, a subsidiary of Etix Everywhere, is building a solar plant next to the facility.

Etix Everywhere designs, manufactures and operates modular data centers which it makes to order. In the three years since it launched, the company has deployed facilities in France, Belgium, Morocco, and is at various stages of completion in Sweden, Scotland, and Senegal.

The Luxembourg-based company’s managing director, Antoine Boniface, said: “We are building a global network of colocation data centers so that our customers get access to the best infrastructure wherever it is needed.”

“The boom in Internet access on the African continent will lead to an increasing demand for carrier neutral data centers. This is the reason why we are delivering a network of interconnected data centers providing a Pan African platform for the delivery of digital services.”