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An Equinix data center in the Silicon Valley experienced a power outage on Friday morning, causing downtime for multiple customers, including provider of online business applications Zoho.

In an update on its blog, Zoho said all of its services went down as a result of the outage. “Realistically, it is going to take few hours to restore our services after making sure the databases are in sync. Some services will be restored sooner based on the level of inconsistency,” the update read.
Equinix confirmed that there was an outage at its SV4 data center in Sunnyvale but did not specify what had caused it.
“Apologies to customers affected by power outage at SV4 facility earlier today,” Equinix wrote on its Twitter feed. “Power remains stable, engineers are investigating root cause.”
While saying initially it would take “a few hours” to restore its services, the team worked throughout Friday to restore them.
Zoho first reported the power failure around 8:45 am PST on Friday. The company said power came back on around 9:30 am. In an update around 4:50 pm, Zoho said it was still working on restoring some of the services.