Vandals in Jasper, Alabama, have stolen a whole 200-foot tower.

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As first reported by Radio World, the missing tower belonged to radio station WJLX-AM.

In a post on Facebook, Brett Elmore, general manager of WJLX-AM, reported the incident on February 3.

"I have heard of thieves in this area stealing anything, but this one takes the cake," he started.

"This morning, my bush hog crew went down to a tower site we have behind MarJac to do an early cleanup of the property before we did some more work down there. When he arrived, he called and notified me that not only was my building vandalized, but my TWO HUNDRED FOOT TOWER WAS GONE! They stole every piece of equipment out of the building, cut the guy wires to the tower, and SOMEHOW managed to down a 200-foot tower and take it from the property."

Elmore added that the incident is being investigated by the Jasper Police Department.

Elmore told Radio World that the station plans to file for special temporary authority with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Such authorization would allow the station to declare a silent AM status but also allow the FM translator to stay operational for the time being.

It's not uncommon for vandals to vandalize telecom tower sites for materials such as copper, but the theft of a whole structure is almost unheard of.

The incident is just one of many to happen in the US where towers are concerned.

Last month, suspected copper thieves toppled a 488-foot rod cell tower in Oklahoma, causing an estimated $500,000 in damage.

A couple of weeks ago, a Texas man who set fire to approximately 22 cell towers, was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Sean Aaron Smith, 30, of San Antonio, Texas, is believed to have caused approximately $1.1 million worth of damage.

Smith held anti-5G and anti-government views, according to prosecutors, and was also slapped with gun charges.

Meanwhile, Vincent DePaul, of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, faces more than 50 charges over the alleged theft of coaxial cable from cell towers in Henderson County and Buncombe County.