Deutsche Telekom has equipped Helmut Schmidt University, the University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg (HSU/UniBw H) with a 5G Standalone network.

The 5G service provided at the university will be used to test digital applications.

– Deutsche Telekom

Swedish vendor Ericsson is helping to deploy the private 5G network at the university.

According to Deutsche Telekom, the 5G campus network is being used to research industrial applications, plus the interplay between the real-time networking of sensors, actuators, and cyber-physical systems, while cloud computing and AI are also being applied.

The university will also focus on automation technology and logistics, autonomous robots, drone defense systems, and 5G-based safety and security applications.

"5G Standalone will give a further boost to our research into digitalization and future technologies," said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Scholl, chair of electrical measurement technology at Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg.

"With Ericsson's network technology and Deutsche Telekom's campus network, we are creating the best conditions for the transfer of innovation between research and practice. On the test site, science and industry are developing new 5G-based products, applications, and business models under real conditions."

Deutsche Telekom has installed six indoor antennas across the campus, plus two further micro transmitting stations outdoors.

The 5G Standalone campus network operates separately from the public mobile network, and operates on frequencies reserved specifically for the university in the 3.7 to 3.8 gigahertz range.

All of the infrastructure used as part of the network is located on the HSU/UniBw H campus.

"Together with HSU, we have implemented one of the most modern campus networks in Germany, which is based on the latest available standards," says Klaus Werner, managing director of business customers at Telekom Deutschland.

"It supports important features for the industry such as network slicing and ultra-low latency. With this campus network, HSU will provide valuable insights for the 5G ecosystem and therefore for the entire Industry 4.0."