Liquid immersion cooling specialist Green Revolution Cooling plans to rebrand as GRC, the company said at DCD’s Webscale event in San Francisco.

Company CEO Peter Poulin explained that the small name change was a result of the maturation of the business, which he believed no longer needed to say it was revolutionary.

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Green Revolution Cooling immersion in action
– Green Revolution Cooling

“I came on as the new CEO in December of 2016 and I think one of the things that I came to realize was that we’ve got a pretty mature product here,” Poulin told DCD.

“At the time, it was deployed in 12 countries, and a lot of testing had been done, with a lot of big names involved - Intel, Orange Telecom, the National Security Agency -  that were validating our claims. This isn’t revolutionary technology, having revolution in our name doesn’t seem to make sense.”

He added that, to the risk averse audience that is typical of data center people, revolution is “not a word that is compatible with their mindset. So, it doesn’t really describe the maturity of the technology, and the company.”

Green Revolution looked at various potential names, with Poulin saying he fell in love with the name Ice Box, “which unfortunately we couldn’t get because someone has trademarked it.” Ultimately, however, the company went with the simple GRC.

The name change will slowly be phased in over the coming months.

Flippant footnote: The company shares its initials with the Goverment of the Republic of China, the Ghana Railway Corporation, the Glasgow Rowing Club and Gibson Research Corporation (maker of data recovery software, much used by DCD staff in the 1990s) - all of which are sufficiently distinct from Poulin’s company to avoid confusion. 

GRC can also refer to glassfiber reinforced concrete; governance, risk management, and compliance; a gender recognition certificate (in the UK) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Gendarmerie Royale du Canada).