At this year's DCD>London conference, Schneider Electric unveiled its latest uninterruptible power supply.

The 'Galaxy VS 3-phase UPS with internal smart battery modules' is available globally, except for Greater China and Japan.

Across the galaxy

– Schneider Electric

The 10-50kW UPS comes with internal smart battery modules, a first for Schneider's systems.

"The previous version of GVS enabled external batteries, whether Li-ion or VRLA, to be connected. The new version includes a space for the new smart battery modules within the UPS," a Schneider Electric spokesperson told DCD at our London show.

"New smart battery modules are flexible, self-configuring, high density and redundant - all battery modules support the load, so no individual battery is a single point of failure."

Christopher Thompson, VP 3-phase line of business at Schneider Electric, added: “With its impressive efficiency and internal smart battery modules... the latest Galaxy VS is an innovative and flexible choice for end-users, distributors, partners, and integrators in diverse environments, especially Edge computing and critical infrastructures."

The new product comes after rival Vertiv in April launched lithium-ion battery cabinets that for the first time featured its own battery management system.