Traffic inside the data center is outgrowing the installed networks, says Michael Adams

Data centers needs 100Gbps networks, and customers are already asking for 1000Gbps or 1600Gbps networks, according to Michael Adams of Panduit.

“In the data center, there has been a huge amount of focus on compute, and mobility and storage, but traffic is growing exponentially,” Michael Adams. EMEA director of integrated data centers at Panduit, said in an interview at DCD’s Zettastructure event. “Recent Cisco research showed that 40 percent of the traffic in a data center is machine-to-machine, and only around 17 percent goes out of the data center.”

He added: “There already is a bottleneck in the data center. The real challenge we have is that because the infrastructure is only five percent of the cost it does not get the attention and investment it needs.”