Danfoss is set to provide cooling and heat reuse systems for Google's data centers.

As part of a partnership, Google will also provide artificial intelligence solutions to the multinational engineering group for customer experience improvements, internal work processes, and to improve productivity across the organization.

Danfoss data centers
– Danfoss

Danfoss will deploy its Turbocor compressors in Google's data centers. These are an oil-free magnetic bearing compressor that can be used in air cooling, water-cooled or evaporative cooled chillers, and are designed to produce low sound levels.

In addition, the company will design heat reuse solutions for Google using the Danfoss heat reuse modules. This will provide a renewable energy source for on-site heating and for neighboring commercial and residential communities. How extensive this heat provision will be has not been stated.

Also in the partnership, Danfoss will use Google's AI to improve its internal operations and customer experience. For example, the company can use generative AI to collect information, automate knowledge, generate product descriptions, and use chatbots in its e-commerce operations.

“Danfoss is a leader in energy efficiency, and these solutions help support Google’s 2030 goal of running our data centers on carbon-free energy 24/7,” said J.P. Clausen, VP of data center innovation at Google. "We’re happy to deliver AI innovation through Google Cloud, enabling businesses like Danfoss to operate in new and smarter ways."

Jürgen Fischer, president, Danfoss Climate Solutions, added: “At Danfoss, we want to revolutionize how we build and decarbonize data centers together with our customers. When we partner up across industries, like we have done with Google, we accelerate this development towards building better and more sustainable data centers - using technologies available today.”

Danfoss and Google have a previous collaboration as among the founders of the Net Zero Innovation Hub in Fredericia, Denmark, which was announced in September 2023. Also involved in the innovation hub are Schneider Electric and the Danish Data Center Industry. Its goal is to speed up solutions for the green transition of data centers.

Danfoss develops cooling, heating, power conversion, motor control, and industrial machinery. The company currently serves customers in more than 100 countries from 95 factories.