Data center operator Cyxtera is using an augmented reality package from a Xerox company to provide remote service and support.

Cyxtera will use CareAR's service experience management (SXM) platform, so customers can fix data center problems using smart glasses or tablets, with the help of Cyxtera's own Remote Hands with Visual Assist services.

carear remote assist.jpg
– CAreAR

Cyxtera's Remote Hands with Visual Assist provides scheduled or on-demand support in data centers. CareAR now adds Assist, Instruct, and Insight applications to that, with real-time visual guidance and self-guided interactive instructions through desktop, mobile, and smart glasses. The combination of Cyxtera Remote Hands with Visual Assist, CareAR, and ServiceNow will extend the capabilities of customer support experience with enterprise AR.

"As we continue to make our data centers easier to consume and deliver reliable infrastructure solutions at the speed of cloud, delivering a new capability to allow our customers to see for themselves the work our team is doing to support their needs is critical," said Thomas Cannady, VP, Network Services at Cyxtera.

The company hopes that wearable AR should reduce the need to dispatch people or equipment to remote sites, and help customers to get services restored quickly in the event of a problem. It should also make site builds faster and more accurate, with less need to travel for site surveys and deployments.

Cyxtera plans to use the platform for remote updates and virtual walkthroughs for visual inspection at each milestone.

It will be available in Cyxtera data centers in cities including New York/New Jersey, London, Dallas/Fort Worth, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Silicon Valley.

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