CyrusOne has topped off MAD1, its data center development in Madrid, Spain.

The KKR-owned company has now completed the shell and core of its first data center in Spain, and celebrated the milestone with a traditional flag flying ceremony.

– CyrusOne

MAD1 is situated on a five-acre site in Alcobendas that the company acquired in 2021. Construction began in October 2022. The data center is a two-story facility with an IT capacity of 18MW across 6,000 sqm (64,583 sq ft) of technical space.

The data center is expected to use 100 percent renewable energy, of which around 100kW will be generated on-site through roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, and will use an air-cooled closed loop chiller.

“Spain is the fifth largest economy with the third highest renewable energy generation capacity in Europe, which demonstrates an enormous opportunity for us,” said Matt Pullen, EVP and managing director of Europe at CyrusOne.

“With growing demand for enterprise cloud outsourcing across the Spanish enterprise community and relatively low levels of supply, it’s an opportune time for us to enter the Madrid market.”

120 site workers and 80 senior project managers from companies including Itercon, Grupo Cobra, Commtech Commissioning Services, JLL, and CBRE among others attended the ceremony.

“It is a pleasure to face such a challenging project together with CyrusOne as a trusted partner, especially since the operator and the data center design focuses on sustainability and consideration for its environmental impact," said Manuel Marín, CEO of Itercon.

"We are grateful to the suppliers we are working with on this project who ensure the safety and quality of the build. We are delighted with the progress of the work and our contribution to meeting the demand for this type of facility in the area.”

Last month, CyrusOne filed to build a data center in the Allen area of Texas. The DFW4 shell and uplift project is expected to require $31.5m in investment to create a single-story data center.