Data center provider Cologix is expanding its Florida facilities to benefit from new fiber arriving in the area.

With the presumption that the new undersea cables landing in Jacksonville Florida will drive business to the region, Cologix is upgrading its infrastructure at two local locations. The JAX1 location has seen an infusion of over $7 million to provide a completely new N+1power and cooling infrastructure which is now online.

New network cages

Cologix has continually been updating and improving its first data center in the Jacksonville area, adding significant capacity to the facility which it acquired in 2013. The facility has added new network cages, as well as private suites, and now has almost double the capacity the site had when acquired.

Meanwhile, Cologix’ second site in Jacksonville, bought in 2014 (JAX2) will have an additional 4 MW of power.

While access to the new subsea cables is via the JAX1 data center, Cologix has taken the additional step of adding a fiber ring between the two data centers, giving customers at either facility direct access. The ring offers dark fiber and a number of Cologix services to customers, including their Metro Connect offering, DWDM, and lit Ethernet. These features and capabilities of the fiber ring are now available to Cologix customers.