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UK carrier BA (British Airways), an early adopter of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), has upgraded its systems, and is now using the technology to manage six of its data centers.

The DCIM solution essentially models all BA data center facilities, which were made more complex by BA’s purchase of Iberia, a purchase which formed the IAG Group back in 2010 – and the world’s third largest airline group.

The Raritan dcTrack DCIM solution installed by AIT provides real-time monitoring, dashboards and reporting of BA’s power and network connections, along with IT infrastructure to help the company better manage its workflows and provisioning.

The solution can identify individual racks that have cooling, power and space capacity using its interactive floor plan and an extensive library of information, which was imported from the previous DCIM solution.

“All approved moves and changes are made using the work order system within dcTrack to ensure physical assets are connected in the right track,” AIT said.

British Airways service manager Keith Bott said since being installed, BA can react faster to requests for change.

“The new DCIM software allows us to quickly allocate space for new servers, manage power and network connectivity, issue work orders and provide capacity planning across all British Airways data centers,” Bott said.

BA’s two data center sites, which have over 500 cabinets in six halls, are positioned close to its Waterside headquarters at Heathrow.