Argentinian electricity company Edenor has completed its migration to the cloud.

The entirety of the company's data architecture is now cloud-based, with Edenor using both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure cloud platforms, reports BNamericas.

– Edenor

The migration project took two years, and enabled Edenor to condense siloed data that featured replicas into a single repository.

The company is using AWS' public cloud services from its area in the US for "business continuity" and its disaster recovery systems. Microsoft's Azure cloud is used for office automation services.

While Edenor's data architecture has been migrated, the electricity company still uses local data centers for network operations. It has SAP systems in a local cloud which it plans to migrate to AWS later this year.

“It's a foundational project because it allows us to generate the bases to be a data-driven company and to be able to apply all machine learning technologies, predictive models, advanced analytics and process large volumes of information that otherwise wouldn't have been possible to process,” Diego Hernán Poggetti, director of technology and telecommunications at Edenor, told BNamericas.

Beyond that, the company is looking to integrate more generative AI into its operations.

The company has begun testing GenAI as an evolution of its work with machine learning for issues like fraud, debt collection, and late payments. Edenor plans to further use the technology for analyzing customer emotions based on conversations in contact centers.

“Nowadays we do surveys, we analyze the calls they make, why those calls are made, so the only thing that AI would do in this case is make the process much more efficient,” said Poggetti.

AI will also be used internally for repetitive tasks.

Edenor is currently in the process of deploying smart meters across its network to help reduce the frequency and duration of outages. Edenor currently serves around three million customers in Argentina.

In November 2023, Utility Week reported that Edenor was using cloud computing technology from Red Hat to provide real-time data on performance and prevent network interruptions. That partnership had been ongoing for three years.