América Móvil and Telxius are working together to deploy a new subsea cable that will connect Guatemala with the US.

Expected to be in operation by 2025, the system will be one cable, but with two names - it is set to be called AMX3 by América Móvil and Tikal by Telxius.

America Movil Telxius
– Telxius

This cable will be the highest capacity subsea cable to connect Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) with Boca Raton (US), and comes with an additional possible landing in Cancun (Mexico).

It will feature an initial estimated capacity of 190Tbps, and will serve a key route in the Caribbean region.

This cable adds to América Móvil's extensive subsea cable footprint, which will deliver capacity through more than 197,000km of submarine cables, including the AMX-1 submarine cable that extends 18,300km and connects the US to Central and South America with 13 landing points.

As for Telxius, it's the company's seventh subsea cable added to its portfolio since 2018, joining Brusa, Mistral, Tannat, Junior, Marea, and Dunant.

Telxius' overall subsea cable network spans 82,000km serving the Americas and Europe.

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