ABB has added ZincFive as an approved supplier for its UPS systems, offering nickel-zinc as a battery option alongside lithium-ion and lead-acid.

ZincFive's BC series of nickel-zinc battery cabinets can now be installed and supported as part of an ABB uninterruptible power supply system.

zincfive battery cabinet.jpg
– ZincFive

ZincFive claims its nickel-zinc batteries offer a small footprint, minimal maintenance, and high reliability, without the danger of thermal runaway.

ZincFive previously told DCD that nickel-zinc has a better power density, and also embodies lower Scope 3 emissions, because nickel and zinc are more abundant than lithium, and cause much less pollution during mining and processing.

Before approving ZincFive, both companies tested the batteries in the US and Switzerland, to ensure compatibility with ABB's MegaFlex UPS systems.

“Extensive testing has ensured ZincFive’s NiZn batteries meet data center safety, performance, and reliability requirements,” said Sébastien Surply, head of power protection, ABB electrification. "The adoption of NiZn technology will enable our MegaFlex UPS solutions to provide high levels of power protection and will support customer decarbonization goals.”

ABB is already supplying ZincFive batteries on several projects with stringent demands for footprint, safety, high ambient temperature operation, and full life cycle sustainability.

The company says the batteries come into their own in modular, containerized applications, because of their small footprint, temperature tolerance, and safety.

The ZincFive BC cabinets have backward and forward compatibility with megawatt-class UPS inverters.

“The importance of sustainability in data center backup battery systems continues to grow,” said ZincFive CEO and co-founder Tim Hysell.

ABB this month also announced a new front-access three-phase PDU. The TruFit PDU offers front-access design for three-phase 50-800 kVA applications and supports both sub-feed and panelboard distribution up to 400A.

ABB said the compact front-access design eliminates side and rear clearances, delivering floorspace savings of up to 36 percent.

“Our new TruFit PDU is another example of how ABB helps our customers and partners solve challenges, as we build a safe, smart sustainable future together,” said David Dupuis, global product manager, power distribution and static switches, ABB Electrification.

"The advanced PowerView monitoring system and integration with the ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager gives users a powerful digital interface and clear ways to analyze system health, helping improve performance and sustainability."