Technology YouTuber Jeff Geerling has conducted an experiment to see which can transfer data quicker: a pigeon, or gigabit fiber.

The Columbiformes have come out on top.

Jeff Geerling's time vs distance graph – Jeff Geerling

In the video, US-based Geerling geared up the pigeon with 3TB of microSD cards, and commenced the race.

The bird flew a mile in approximately one minute, at which point the data was taken from the SanDisk flash drives, and compared with the same amount of data transferred across the Internet.

Based on the results, Geerling calculated that a pigeon would still be a faster data transfer method up to a distance of 600 miles. Geerling also tested how the gigabit fiber would fare against him taking the SD cards on an airplane and flying from his US home to the targeted Canadian data center, which was again slower until distances of around 5,000 miles.

According to Geerling, his "Gigabit connection" ultimately manages transport speeds of around 75Mbps, not the 1Gbps promised.

A similar experiment was conducted in 2009 by a South African company. That pigeon carried a 4GB memory stick and raced against the local ISP Telkom's ADSL service. In the time the pigeon took to travel and then upload the data, ADSL only managed to send 4 percent of the data.