In an era where cloud adoption, resource virtualization and their co-existence with on-premise facilities are generating a revolution in the way that data center services are delivered and consumed, the discussion about analytics, AI and data health is becoming increasingly urgent. 

DCD>Australia will be creating a platform to discuss this key issue with the help of Roman Ferrando the CEO of, a recently launched analytics and machine learning company. Based in Ireland, he holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and has authored a book on the role of data analytics in the cloud. He has a professional background in analytics research and product management with companies including Ericsson Research, Oracle Labs and Amdocs. In the recent past, he has devoted his time to developing and driving the Thingbook analytic strategy, a process that he will present at DCD>Australia. “Processing up to a trillion messages per day, characterizes and predicts abnormal behaviours within the data, providing early indicators for many situations that require immediate attention or in helping to develop smarter systems to make life easier based on the data collected in daily human life,” described Roman.

Roman will speak of the trends towards hybrid IT and bimodal IT approaches and is critical of the practice of trying to manage data health challenges which are “big data” in terms of scale and complexity using what he describes as “multiple, often isolated, and largely manual, “small data” tactics and tools.” 

When asked to comment on key challenges on IT operations and IT security, Roman highlights a few including the ”explosion of data in terms of both volume and veracity, the increasing demand of business units for IT resilience and the continuous availability combined with the traffic from machines always on, always available to any connected device”.

Roman’s presentation on ”Analytics, security threat detection and predictive IT operations: matching the threat and the solution” will be backed by a demonstration on request of in operation in the Expo Hall. He intends his presentation to demonstrate how broader insights from all data sources generated at scale across an entire organization can be achieved. This will look at security in terms of rapid response detection, incident investigation and also the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown and advanced security threats. It will cover also the broader perspective of data health – identifying performance degradation, profiling the unusual behaviours of users, applications, servers, protocols gateways or routers, and providing real-time RCA for anomalies and incidents. 

Roman wants to ensure that the audience come away with practical and applicable learnings:

“My key objective is to connect the dots between AI capacities and business challenges. I want to describe the challenges of any data analytics implementation and most importantly, present what AI is and show how AI and data analytics can bring value to specific data centre operational problems. This is more important than keeping the discussion at a theoretical, high level.”

“I am looking forward to DCD>Australia. DCD provides a great platform for meeting the Australian IT and data center community and to listening first-hand to the challenges they face every single day, as well as validating how AI can provide real solutions to challenges faced by the local data center industry,” Roman added.

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