365 Data Centers is building an additional floor of data center space at its Tampa, Florida site.

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Located in the Franklin Exchange building at 655 North Franklin Street, 365 will add a floor of data center space to the building which houses 25 different carriers on-site and the Tampa Internet Exchange.

The expansion follows an upgrade to the power plant at the site, and will double the company’s existing market footprint.

“While growing the company significantly throughout the past six years, we are proud to have built our business on superior customer service and infrastructure solutions,” stated Bob DeSantis, CEO of 365 Data Centers. “This expansion will solidify 365 Data Centers as the leading network-centric colocation service provider in one of our fastest growing edge markets, providing existing and prospective customers with access to additional space, power, and connectivity.”

First completed in 1966, the Franklin Exchange building was at the time the tallest building in Tampa and home to the National Exchange Bank. In the 1990s, property management company The Wilson Company took over the building which had been earmarked for demolition and repurposed partially as the company headquarters. It was renovated in 2013 by Wilson Co, and was previously the location of the Wikimedia Foundation’s first colocation facility which began exiting the building the same year.

Among the customers based at the Franklin Exchange Building is Uniti Fiber. Tom Payne, VP of carrier relations for Uniti Fiber, said: “Uniti Fiber has been a 365 customer in Tampa for many years and 365 has proven to be among our most reliable colocation partners across the entire US. We look forward to further growing our footprint with 365 in Tampa and other 365 markets as we are confident in 365’s commitment to expansion to best service its customers.”

This development is part of 365’s growth initiative in which it plans to invest more money into its existing facilities and acquires others in “strategic Edge markets.”

The company operates data centers in 20 US locations, the majority of which are Edge markets. The facilities are located in Alpharetta, Georgia; Aurora, Colorado; Boca Raton, Florida; Bridgewater, New Jersey; Buffalo, New York; Carlstadt, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Commack, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Herndon, Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; Marlborough, Massachusetts; Philadelphia-University City, Philadelphia; Philadelphia Downtown; New York City, New York; Rancho Cordova, California; Richardson, Texas; Smyrna, Georgia; and Tampa, Florida.

365 was bought by Stonecourt Capital in 2020 from Chirisa Investments, Lumerity, and Longboart who acquired the company in 2017. It was founded in 2014 and initially comprised a group of data centers that were created by Switch and Data. In 2022, the company was sued by some customers over the company's alleged negligence which led to a ransomware attack causing a significant outage.

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