Dish Network has informed the state of Colorado that it plans to cut another 157 jobs by the end of March.

The latest cuts are an addition to the 500 announced in November.

Dish Network satellite
– Wikimedia/Cody Logan

As reported by The Denver Post, the cuts will take place at the carrier's HQ at 9601 S. Meridian Blvd. in Douglas County.

Dish made the filing with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment last week.

“The first employee notices are expected to occur during the 14-day period starting Jan. 8, with separations to occur in the 14-day period starting March 8,” wrote Kaylee Hyman, Dish senior corporate counsel.

The cuts follow Dish's merger with EchoStar, a deal that was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last month.

Of the jobs being cut, 80 represent senior wireless representatives, with another 25 intermediate customer service and technology representatives, 15 relationship repair specialists, plus a dozen advanced customer service roles.

Prior to the cuts, Dish had employed close to 6,000 people in Colorado.

Spectrum reshuffle

Separately, Dish has confirmed it has reshuffled its spectrum licenses following the recent merger.

The company noted on January 10 that it transferred certain spectrum of its wireless spectrum licenses, including AWS-4, H-Block, CBRS, C-Band - Cheyenne, 12GHz, LMDS, 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 37GHz, 30GHz, and 47GHz to a newly formed subsidiary, EchoStar Wireless Holding LLC.

Dish Network said it has retained ownership of spectrum covering 600MHz, 700MHz, 3.45GHz, and AWS-3.

"This asset allocation enables EchoStar to more optimally position the necessary resources for the execution of its strategic goal of becoming the premier provider of terrestrial mobile, satellite connectivity, and content services," said Hamid Akhavan, president and CEO of EchoStar.

Both companies, which are owned by billionaire Charles Ergen, have reunited after EchoStar was spun out from Dish back in 2008.

That saw Dish retain its TV business while it shed the satellite infrastructure that beamed content into them.

Ergen, who co-founded Dish, owns more than half of its outstanding shares and owns nearly 60 percent of EchoStar.