When it comes to sustainability in the data center, we tend to hear about the challenges faced by facility operators. But as 2023 draws to a close, we felt it important to highlight some of the wins and focus on what the industry has achieved.

For instance, cast our minds back a few years, data center operators didn’t even know what a Scope 3 emission was, let alone how to monitor or improve them. But now, thanks to new digital tools and technologies helping expand both our understanding of and visibility into data center ecosystems and supply chains, the industry has taken sustainable operations to a whole new level.

And with this tech only set to improve, this begs the question, is digitization the answer to decarbonization?

In this eBook we take a deep dive into the importance of environmental responsibility in the data center, demystify Scope 3 and take a look at the software available today that will help lead us into tomorrow’s digital future.