Andrew Eppich from Equinix explains interconnection-oriented architecture

In this interview Andrew Eppich, managing director of Equinix Canada, talks about the challenges of ‘edge’ computing.

Equinix operates 146 data centers around the world, and it knows that location of data matters. Eppich notes that the amount of information we need to process is growing exponentially, but light can only travel so fast – this means we will need to move data closer to the end-user.

That’s why Equinix is pushing ahead with IOA – interconnection-oriented architecture - which shifts focus from colocation to networking and easy migration of data between geographically disparate facilities.

The interview concludes with some facts about the state of data center market in Toronto, a city where Equinix opened a $100 million facility in 2015.

The conversation took place at the DatacenterDynamics Converged conference in Toronto.