Energy Professional

  • Instructor-led
  • Business
21 Hours

Course Description

Learn about the key considerations for near and long term target measures for data center energy efficiency enablement, alongside operation and design strategies that help maximize program impacts and increase cost-effectiveness, ensuring that capital investments deliver results.

Spanning Information Technology (IT) systems and their environmental conditions, air management and mechanical and electrical systems, on-site generation, metrics and benchmarking, this course offers strategies which provide efficiency benefits for a wide variety of data center scenarios.

Who Should Attend

  • Data center managers & critical infrastructure engineers from data center operators responsible for facilities operations.
  • Sales engineers and product engineering staff from technology vendors looking to understand the energy efficiency space
  • Energy, sustainability and planning managers, or anyone interested in understanding data centre energy flows and how to minimise or manage consumption per unit of ICT load.​
  • Consulting Engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) upskilling or transitioning to data center projects.

This course has met the required standards of the organisations listed above and is approved, accredited, validated or endorsed by them. More details of our relationship with each and the process for gaining credit equivalencies is available upon request.

Key Topics

  • Energy consumption, principles, units & metrics
  • Critical load, utilization, virtualization and management
  • Utility, carbon, emissions & on-site/off-site renewables
  • UPS, electro-chemical & kinetic energy storage
  • Emergency power generation, CHP & utility support
  • Cooling - direct-air, indirect-air, liquid based & ‘free-cooling'
  • Energy optimization

Upcoming Sessions

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UTC+8 (APAC) Energy Professional EN 05 Nov 2020 2 days 9AM – 5PM IanBitterlin-Confirmed.jpg
UTC+10 (APAC) Energy Professional EN 09 Nov 2020 3 days 9AM – 5PM 19718.jpg Book Now
UTC-6 (NAM) Energy Professional EN 09 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM kevinkent.PNG Book Now
UTC+2 (ES) Energy Professional SP 16 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM Isidro_Ramos Book Now
UTC+1 (EMEA) Energy Professional EN 23 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM IanBitterlin-Confirmed.jpg Book Now
UTC+8 (APAC) Energy Professional EN 25 Nov 2020 3 days 9AM – 5PM John Duffin.jpg Book Now

Student Feedback

  • This course went into different topics related to data centers with plenty of case study material. It surpassed my expectations.

    The course helped me to improve my knowledge about energy standards. I had opportunity to see what is happening in other similar companies and see how to react on very dynamic and every day changing data center life.

    Pavol Klimek, Program Manager - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - Red Hat

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