What's driving growth in the SE Asia data center industry?

South-East Asia is recognised as one of the key regions driving global data center growth. Technavio estimates that data centers in South East Asia will grow at a high CAGR of 14% from 2019 to 2023.

Realising the opportunities presented by this rate of growth can be complex because South East Asia is comprised of a number of diverse markets at different stages of maturity and with very different requirements. So where do you start off or go next? How do you develop strategies for key opportunities? How can you future-proof those strategies?

This webinar examines:

  • The state of key markets in the region - their maturity, capabilities, the factors driving each forward and holding each back?
  • What are the key drivers common to all markets and specific to each? Including demand and the rise of consumer classes, technology and education, business and entrepreneurial, the role of global entrants into the region, the influence of cross-border alliances, nationalism and sovereignty?
  • How will the key hub - Singapore - change? How will Indonesia evolve? How will this impact the region?
  • What is the blueprint for analysing what is driving markets and sectors and knowing how and when to act?