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DCD>Panel - The rise of other European regions: the beginning of the end for the FLAP market?

The traditional FLAP market (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris) has been the backbone of the European data center industry for many years. However, the emergence of other European regions such as Madrid, Marseille, Lisbon, Milan is raising questions about the future of the FLAP market. This panel discussion brings together experts in the data center industry to examine the rise of these new regions and their potential impact on the FLAP market.

Panelists will explore the reasons behind this shift, the advantages and disadvantages of these new regions, and whether they represent a threat or an opportunity for the FLAP market. They will also discuss the challenges that come with the rise of these new regions, including infrastructure development, government regulations, and the competition between regions for data center investment. Join us for an insightful discussion on the changing landscape of the European data center market and the future of FLAP.