Airflow Management

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  • Technical
4 Hours

Course Description

This course addresses industry best practices used to optimize energy efficiency. Additionally, an in-depth analysis is conducted on several data center designs using both CFD modeling software and cooling path management. Pressure, temperature and airflow are tested to identify where and how improvements can be implemented.


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the benefits that proper control has on energy efficiency and facility reliability
  • Identify best practice solutions for a given data center design
  • Identify the 3 segments of cooling path management and the associated evaluation items for each
  • Describe the design and implementation of 4 data center layouts: Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle, Cold Aisle Containment, Hot Aisle Containment, In-Row Cooling
  • Explain dealing with incidents – what really happens and the key role of exercising and testing in ensuring organizational resilience

This course has met the required standards for and is endorsed, approved or accredited by the organisations listed below. Upon successful completion of this course, individuals are eligible to obtain CPD/ PDH units. Further details about our relationship with each organisation will be made available upon request.

Key Topics

  • Airflow Method Efficiencies
  • Air Volumes and Cooling
  • Balancing Airflow
  • Cable Management
  • CFD Calibration & Validation
  • Cooling Path Management
  • Hot Aisle Containment
  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • In-row Cooling
  • Selection & Efficiency

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