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Grid support – The What, why, and how

This session took place on March 14, 2024

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Grid support – The What, why, and how

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Grid support and frequency regulation services are a vital necessity for the grid owners to balance electricity demand and generation in real-time and maintain a stable frequency in the electricity network. When adding more and more renewables to the mix, this will become even more important. Data centers can play an active part in keeping the grid stable, and up and running. This episode will cover:

  • A real-life case study where Vertiv, Conapto and Fever Energy will showcase what, how, and why they deployed grid support at Conapto Stockholm 3 North
  • The carbon reduction & monetary benefits that were achieved
  • How Vertiv, Conapto & Fever Energy worked with internal & external stakeholders, ensuring cross-team alignment
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