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Liquid cooling implementation in new and existing data centers

This session took place on May 21, 2024

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Liquid cooling implementation in new and existing data centers

The increasing demands on high-performance computing continues to drive the need for efficient cooling systems. This episode provides an in-depth overview of innovative liquid cooling solutions designed to meet evolving data center requirements. Join this episode to hear how to reduce operational costs, maximize redundancy and increase return on investment by handling heat loads of up to 800kW and beyond.  

  • Discover how leveraging efficiency, reliability, and scalability can reshape the landscape of data center cooling
  • Learn cutting-edge approaches for maximizing sustainability and future proofing your liquid cooling infrastructure  
  • Examine how to optimize factors such as motor redundancy when it comes to Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs)
  • Explore how adapting to the changing requirements of high-performance computing can affect the serviceability of the data center white space
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