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How to futureproof research facilities for exascale computing

This broadcast will be streaming live at 2pm ET on the 14th of June

As a leader in high-performance scientific computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is used to HPC modeling and simulation, used to advance its science and national security missions, including stewardship of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. However, the arrival of LLNLs’ first exascale-class supercomputer, which will require about as much energy as a small city, takes years of planning, infrastructure upgrades and an entirely new way of thinking about the mechanical and electrical capabilities of existing supercomputing facilities to make it all happen.

Anna Maria and Chris will join forces to outline the $100 million dollar upgrade and modernization of their facility; doubling the energy capacity of the Lab’s Computing Center, and provide a practical walkthrough of the complexities associated with executing a facility modernization project of this scale, on-time and within budget.