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Leveraging UPS solutions to enable revenue generation: Where is the opportunity, and what are the challenges?

As power is increasingly generated using renewable energy and in more disparate geographies, data centers are presented with greater opportunity to participate in the power generation supply chain. When becoming grid interactive by leveraging battery and UPS solutions, market participants have the opportunity to become prosumers. However, this type of adoption has not yet taken off in any significant way. 

This panel will explore the data center industry journey toward grid service interaction thus far including primary drivers for adoption but will also offer clarity on the factors that are hindering adoption and progress. In particular, this discussion will address installation challenges for new technologies, and provide insight on how the technologies can be integrated alongside legacy systems. Additionally insight around monitoring and prediction tools will be shared, so data center leaders can understand how grid service participation will affect their operations prior to implementing new technologies. 

This panel will be followed immediately by a roundtable discussion:

Revenue and Resiliency Roundtable: Exploring the benefits of leveraging UPS systems

We invite you to join this roundtable which will start immediately after the panel so we can continue the conversation, debate some of the issues raised, and where you can share your own thoughts and insights, and also find potential collaborators.