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Data center investment in 2024 - What’s on the horizon?

This session took place on January 18, 2024

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With huge growth and big deals, 2023 was an eventful year for data center investments & markets. Despite this, the industry remains challenged by rising inflation, high interest rates and a growing lack of available power for data centers. The AI boom has presented a large investment opportunity, but has added increasing pressure onto an already strained grid.

In this episode, expert speakers dissect the major developments of data center financing in 2023, and how this will impact in 2024.

  • How investors can align strategies with potential market developments, and assess and mitigate potential risks with new and traditional finance models?
  • How emerging ESG opportunities and green financing can be capitalized on
  • The site selection landscape for 2024, emerging data center hotspots and how this is being driven by power & land availability.