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Panel: Leveraging metrics to provide a holistic view of power

This episode will be streaming on the 17th of May at 10am EDT

In order to make the correct decisions for a business, data is an absolute necessity. PUE has been the metric of choice used by the data center industry for measuring energy efficiency for many years, and whilst many are questioning its effectiveness, could a case still be made for it? Whilst it doesn’t provide a holistic view of data center power, is it not better to have a metric that is widely used to provide some visibility, at the cost of not being wholly accurate?

This panel welcomes a lively debate around the true value of PUE, and delves deeper into the shortcomings, as well as the advantages, of this simplistic metric. As sustainability becomes an ever pressing priority for data centers, our speakers will underline how factors such as energy reuse and the consumption of renewables should be incorporated to provide a holistic view of power, and whether alternatives to PUE, albeit more complex, could become mainstream. Critically this panel will explore what comes next in metrics - is PUE here to stay, or can we expect an evolution of this measure in the near future?