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How can digitized power management systems give data centers a competitive edge?

This session took place on July 20, 2022

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Digitized Power Systems: Lessons learned from T5 Data Centers & Schneider Electric

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As the data center industry continues to experience unprecedented growth, demand for power continues to accelerate. Managing and meeting this demand is a challenging feat for data centers and colocation facilities, whilst also having to optimize efficiency while keeping power distribution systems running safely, reliably, sustainably, and in compliance with regulations. But, by leveraging digitally-enabled power management systems facilities managers can modernize their critical infrastructure to optimize data center operations. 

During this episode Schneider and T5 Data Centers will explore how digitized power systems can allow data centers to connect their electrical infrastructure to streamline their processes, and provide customized, actionable information to inform their facility teams. These speakers will detail the fundamental factors that are required to deploy a successful digital data center architecture, providing a roadmap of how to achieve a modernized power infrastructure which will lead to greater efficiency throughout an organization.

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