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Why immersion cooling and why now?

This session took place on July 18, 2023

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Why immersion cooling and why now?

The data center industry is undergoing a period of accelerated growth, driven by end user demand and increasing requirements for resource intensive workloads such as AI. With more powerful computers come higher temperatures, which has created a new set of thermal challenges for data centers, triggering them to rethink their cooling strategies. However, with myriad options for cooling a data center, how can operators understand which technology best serves their business?

This episode will take a deep dive into immersion cooling, and explore why this technology is leading the pack when it comes to moving heat away from the chip. By looking at these systems in contrast with other options on the market, expert speakers will demonstrate the key benefits of immersion cooling, highlighting how they can support a data centers sustainability goals and help them meet the requirements of nuanced regulatory frameworks around the world.

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