Being one of the leading organizations in technology, Huawei is uniting electronics with IoT, big data, and AI. As we look towards a future where more efficient, sustainable, and reliable data center technology will become imperative to business and everyday life. We need to ensure that data center infrastructure maintains integrity, even with increased demands, through turbulent times and unpredictable circumstances.

Huawei SmartLi Graphic

Huawei’s pursuit of a fully connected, intelligent world culminates in new products, services, and technology that improves data center operations from the ground up. Safeguarding global connectivity requires intelligent utilization of technology across a range of services. Power supply, smart cooling, prefabricated and modular data centers, and data management is all part of the mix in which Huawei operates.

Huawei’s recently launched SmartLi Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system aims to revolutionize the data center industry, offering a lifelong design, with a space-saving and reliable UPS system. The SmartLi UPS systems offer key features that will improve any data center operations.

The highly reliable Smartli system offers a 5000 cycle lifetime, that lasts up to ten years. This, combined with an LFP cell that is impervious to fire or explosion makes a highly functional system that can even control active current balance, allowing operation even if the battery module fails.

Additionally, SmartLi UPS system reduces operations expenditure through intelligent BMS systems, which enables organizations to minimize the use of valuable real estate. These highly efficient batteries have a 70% smaller footprint when compared with Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries.

Finally, the flexibility of the SmartLi UPS has the potential to reduce capital expenditure by up to 25% when used in conjunction with a lithium battery pool. The SmartLi systems are compatible with both old and new battery cabinets, allowing concurrent use of different systems infrastructure to protect existing investments.

Enabling global innovation

Huawei has worked with organizations across the world to help them utilize SmartLi UPS solutions. Intelligent Power Solutions Ltd. (IPS Hungary), based in Hungary, worked with Huawei to install hundreds of SmartLi UPS units that would be used to service clients across several sectors including banking and finance, government and other industry sectors. IPS Hungary worked with Huawei to integrate the SmartLi UPS systems to drive higher reliability, more efficiency, and overall improved operational quality.

The SmartLi systems were tested ruthlessly by the engineers at IPS Hungary, who were unable to find faults in performance and reliability. For IPS Hungary, end to end data center solutions is an important part of the service that they offer to clients. The SmartLi systems developed by Huawei present a unique offering, offering long-term sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Organizations like IPS Hungary are looking for key offerings in the technology that they use to provide services to their clients. The expectations of modern data centers go far beyond what they used to; maximized space utilization, lower operational and maintenance costs, longer service life and increased energy efficiency are essential requirements for any set of technologies in data centers.

Moving towards a connected future

With the ever-increasing demand on data center infrastructure, for fast, reliable, and cheap compute, many organizations are searching for innovative solutions. As we move to a future where more and more people will be connected at any given time, the industry needs to move quickly. Lithium-ion batteries account for only around 1-2% of total market share, yet this is expected to increase to at least 35% by 2025. The industry is changing rapidly, with many new technologies on the horizon.

Yet we are grappling with a unique problem - climate change. The effects of increased energy consumption need to be offset by more sophisticated and intelligent use and reuse of energy and energy waste. The SmartLi UPS solution is part of a technology package that offers uniquely efficient and reliable power, but with the bonus of intelligent data use that allows customers to more effectively manage their infrastructure.

As we move towards technologies like 5G and edge, the industry will rely on smarter, more sophisticated technologies. The SmartLi UPS solution from Huawei is a step towards a more globally connected future.