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The deming quality improvement cycle stages

Data Centre Network CablingSubscription

28 Jun 2016

Best practices to meet the demands of the digital economy.

The Need for a New Data Center Design Standard - image

The Need for a New Data Center Design Standard Subscription

13 Apr 2016

“Maintaining an inflexible classification system may unintentionally contribute to the growth of fossil fuel consumption” Lex Coors, Interxion

anixter dcim enablement

DCIM Enablement Best PracticesSubscription

5 Jan 2016

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has been viewed as a solution to organizations looking to cut infrastructure costs while maintaining availability for customers. To achieve said goals, companies must clearly define its goals.

anixter thermal efficiency best practices

Thermal Efficiency Best PracticesSubscription

20 Nov 2015

Thermal management is often considered a low data center priority; it is a function often ignored unless problems arise. However, an efficient and effective thermal management strategy has become an important aspect of data center management.

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Next-Generation Data Center Heat Management

Next Generation Data Center Heat ManagementSubscription

27 Jun 2016

An effective heat management strategy is critical to controlling data center costs and maximizing performance. This report evaluates the evolution of data center heat management, and looks at innovative new cooling approaches aimed at managing higher density computing heat requirements within today’s data centers. It is aimed at helping data center managers better understand the various heat management approaches available to them, and helping vendors prioritize product development.

Shenzhen, China

Manifest Destiny: Huawei Girds for an International Enterprise Data Center PushSubscription

27 May 2016

Key Questions Answered · How is Huawei Technologies Co. trying to be a more strategic supplier to data center equipment buyers? · What blueprint is Huawei following in order to establish a greater foothold with its data center equipment in the West? · What is Huawei’s enterprise division represent as a portion of overall company revenues last year? · How can buyers use Huawei’s coming foray into more Western markets to its advantage? · ...

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  • global switch case study

    Global Switch Case Study

    Global Switch successfully navigated the downturn in the data center industry and positioned itself well to take advantage of a sector that now benefits from strong demand. This demand is being driven by a variety of factors encompassing rising internet usage, growth in global networks, device proliferation, increased bandwidth needs, cloud services, the trend towards outsourcing of IT and mobility. Trends in big data and the Internet of Things will only fuel further growth.

  • Google Compute Regions and Zones

    Google Data Center and Cloud Strategy

    Data centers are the foundation upon which Google’s web empire is built as its services reside on servers in a data center. As global internet usage and dependence on the company’s services grows so does its data center capacity requirement. As such, Google now owns multiple hyperscale data centers whereas it occupied small colocation spaces a decade ago to drive its popular online services.

  • case study image

    Digital Realty: At The Intersection of Growth and Solution Sales

    Digital Realty is a wholesale colocation provider that operates 190 buildings in 132 properties in 32 metropolitan areas. It operates a total of 21.8m sq. ft. of net rentable space, and has 1.15m sq. ft. of space under active development and 1.3m sq. ft. of space held for development. The majority of its operations are in the U.S.

  • case study image report

    Deutsche Telekom's Data Center Strategy: A Necessary Retreat To Move Forward

    The Deutsche Telekom Data Center Strategy teaser goes here.

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    Oracle Corp. Case Study: Current State and Outlook

    Oracle is one of the world’s largest software companies and data center suppliers. It is working to become a more cloud-services focused business – one that’s less dependent on software licenses. DCD Intelligence examines Oracle’s positioning in the market by virtue of a competitive analysis and an examination of the company’s corporate structure as well as acquisitions. This document will benefit Oracle business customers that want suppliers to provide expert technology to underpin ...

  • 0478 dell report

    Dell: Company Profile and Prospects

    Dell will become the largest full-range IT supplier later in 2015, following IBM’s offloads and HP’s decision to split off its PC and printer business to HP Inc. As a private company, it is able to focus more clearly on its customers’ needs. It has become mainly an enterprise supplier over the past few years, though it retains a strong presence in the consumer PC market. 

  • 0478 telecity merger

    Telecity-Interxion The Merger and its Impact

    On 11 February 2015, European data center operators TelecityGroup plc and Interxion Holdings NV announced their intention to merge, subject to a binding agreement and director, shareholder and regulatory approval. Investors and markets welcomed the news, sending both stocks up over 15% on the day.

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    CoreSite - Company Strategy and Prospects

    CoreSite Realty Corporation is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) which operates data centers in eight key markets in the US with more than 2.7m gross sq ft of space, 1.5m sq ft of which is existing data center space. The 17th facility came online in late 2014

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    Cisco's Global Cloud Strategy

    Founded 30 years ago, Cisco designs and sells software, hardware, networking and communications-technology services. Although the company has made forays into the consumer market, it is best known as a world-leading provider of IP networking equipment, supplying about four-fifths of the infrastructure that powers the Internet. 

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    Telehouse - Company Strategy and Prospects

    Telehouse is a carrier-neutral provider of colocation and managed data center services, operating a network of 42 data centers in 24 cities in 13 countries in Asia,Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North America. Expansions in existing markets that are scheduled to open in 2015 and 2016 will take the company’s total footprint to 371,000m2 in 45 data centers.

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    Equinix - Company Strategy and Prospects

    Equinix, Inc. provides network-neutral colocation and related interconnection and managed IT infrastructure services via a network of 101 data centers in 32 key metropolitan areas in 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    IBM's Cloud Services Strategy

    IT demand is being driven by the explosion of smart mobile devices, real-time sensor data, cloud computing, cybersecurity and advanced predictive analytics. Meanwhile, cloud computing has become the vehicle to make all these services available to customers at reasonable prices.

  • 0455 subscriptions casestudies

    Interxion - Company Strategy and Prospects

    Interxion (pronounced “interaction”) provides cloud and carrier neutral colocation data center services in Europe. It operates 37 data centers in 13 cities in 11 countries, houses over 500 carriers, ISPs and content delivery networks (CDNs), hosts 20 Internet exchanges, and provides services to some 1,400 customers. 

Google Compute Regions and Zones

Google Data Center and Cloud Strategy Subscription

17 May 2016

Data centers are the foundation upon which Google’s web empire is built as its services reside on servers in a data center. As global internet usage and dependence on the company’s services grows so does its data center capacity requirement. As such, Google now owns multiple hyperscale data centers whereas it occupied small colocation spaces a decade ago to drive its popular online services.

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker CY 2015 / Q4 2015

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker CY 2015 / Q4 2015Subscription

19 Apr 2016

E.U. Data Center Quarterly IT Tracker CY 2015 and Q4 2015 contains the I.T. vendor revenue generated for the Q4 2015 / CY 2015 E.U. by key data center technologies such as storage, servers and networking equipment. Key data center / IT supplier vendor shares in the U.K., Germany and France are provided in addition to overall E.U. data center spending and data center technology trends.

Worldwide Reported Number of Colocation Facilities

Worldwide Colocation Data Center InvestmentSubscription

19 Apr 2016

Colocation is unquestionably a fastest-growing data center industry category. More enterprises are interested in outsourcing workloads to mitigate costs if not outright abdicate the responsibility of data center operations, which means there’s an abundance of opportunities for suppliers. However, competition is fierce. The industry is fragmented and regional in composition while space which means competition for colocation spend is fierce among the many providers battling for share.

Developing Solutions to the Data Center Skills Shortage

Developing Solutions to the Data Center Skills ShortageSubscription

18 Feb 2016

The data center industry’s ‘skills shortage’ is the most intractable resource shortage facing it. The core characteristics are different from those of the other resource challenges facing the industry. The shortage of skills is more difficult to measure or monitor directly than threats to the supply of power, water, connectivity or money. Markets and organisations that, on the evidence of their own reporting, have sufficient skills available ...

hub london

Metropolitan Hub Series: LondonSubscription

18 Jan 2016

London is a major global center for commerce and industry. As such, it attracts investment across a range of industries, including intensely IT dependent sectors such as financial services, e-commerce and internet media. This has resulted in significant data center investment in the greater London area, particularly since certain applications are latency sensitive and proximity can be a critical requirement for some end-users.

bat graphic

The Growth Strategies of Baidu Alibaba and TencentSubscription

30 Nov 2015

China’s internet sector is growing by leaps and bounds when users, traffic and the contribution of online services to the country’s economy are considered. This is due in part to demand for services offered by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – China’s three largest internet companies – who have rapidly grown their respective hyperscale business ecosystems in order to capitalize on the fast-growing market for internet services. The companies have done so by virtue of acquisitions and investment ...

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