Theresa Bobis

Regional Director, DE-CIX

Theresa Bobis - Regional Director Southern Europe at DE-CIX, the largest Internet Exchange operator in the world. 

Under Theresa’s leadership, DE-CIX Madrid has become the heart of the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe in just 5 years.  DE-CIX Madrid is also one of the fastest growing Internet Exchange in the world.   DE-CIX in Southern Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Marseille, and Palermo) is strategically positioned at the crossroads of intercontinental data flows from the Americas to Europe, to Africa, the Middle East and on to Asia. This is a region to pay attention to, with a massive growth  of data traffic anticipated in the south over the coming years.

Theresa has an extensive background in the Telecommunications and ICT sector with more than 25+ years of experiences  working with multinational companies from Asia, USA, and Europe.  Currently, Theresa  is based in Frankfurt and now living in Germany in the last 14 years.

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