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DCD>Panel: The Data Center as the asset investment in the south of Europe

The south of Europe Data Center segment is advancing fast towards its consolidation, especially following companies’ digital transformation acceleration caused by the pandemic. This has generated a greater need from companies to have a volume of information hosted in specialised centres. The South of Europe market keeps growing and attracting new companies, especially public services’ providers in the American Cloud and other international wholesale operators.

During the last 12 months, the region has become a key market for Data Center operators and institutional investors, supported by the lack of offer for level 3 or higher Data Centers by the excellent fibre optic connectivity the region has. At the moment, the region has a significant amount of new data centers being built or, at least, under planification.

Also, ESG considerations have grown increasingly important in Real Estate investing. In addition to prioritising environmental sustainability, Real Estate investors are using metrics on governance, community impact, and many related factors to evaluate properties. An increasing set of Real Estate investors understand that incorporating ESG factors into decision-making is more than just a check-the-box exercise. Rather, there is an emerging appreciation that ESG is a highly important component when evaluating long-term real estate investments.

We invite the whole sector to discuss the development of these investments and why the south of Europe is key for the growth of the industry in the region.