Pedro Jesús Rodríguez

Subdirector General de Sociedad y Economía Digital, Comunidad de Madrid

Public employee since 1987, I joined Comunidad de Madrid to be Deputy Director of Digital Society and Economy in January 2022. to spread digital transformation and e-culture in Madrid.

Long experience in innovation projects. Just to name a few:
2015 - Project leader to obtain ENS certificate. First public entity that got it.
2013-2014 Project leader on Castilla-La Mancha Government new governance ICT model
2012-2013 Project manager on consolidation of data centers infrastructure for Castilla-La Mancha Government, from 17 to 1 DC.
2013 Design and deployment of the Official Electronic Site for Castilla-La Mancha Government
2010 Team leader on the project of virtual data centers and private cloud. First project on Spanish Public Administration using this technology.
2008 Implementation of the unified quality and safety management system for information systems under ISO 9001 and 27001 standards. First Spanish entity to obtain joint accreditation and the first entity of a Public Administration certified in standard 27001.

Master in Public Management at Ortega y Gasset Research Institute. Law degree from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, where I've also done postgraduate specialization in Information Technology Security and Communications, Artificial Intelligence and Administrative Law and Communications Networks and Services. I participated in the program of specialization in Technology Management at IE Business School.