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DCD>Talks - High density data centers: liquid cooling alternatives for efficiency

Cooling challenges in data center white spaces continue to grow more complex. Society’s explosive need for larger amounts of data, delivered at faster speeds, is driving an exponential increase in power consumption, and a subsequent demand for more effective cooling. At the same time, IT businesses face increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency and operate more sustainably.

To meet these demands, liquid cooling systems are already replacing traditional white space cooling technologies in many data centers around the world, a trend that is expected to continue. Two-phase immersive tub uses heat from the components to warm a low-boiling-point liquid. The liquid becomes vapour, rising until it contacts a condenser in the top of the tank. The vapour cools, changing phase into liquid again, and then falls as rain back onto the component, and the process begins again. In this type of system, plate heat exchangers can be used as either evaporators or condensers.