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Brunch Briefing - Sustainable Solutions with Hydrogen & Hyperscale Data Centre protected with dynamic UPS

We will have the opportunity to deep in the next steps to the de-carbonization process and the huge investments in resources and talent by Rolls-Royce to achieve the NetZero commitment. Technology itself is already available, but it is being developed to be adapted to the real needs of our different markets. Obviously we will focus on Data Centre.

Probably the use of Dynamic UPS, as our mtu Kinetic Power Packs consuming e-fuels, is one of the most sustainable solution that we can immediately apply. Yves Jansen, from Rolls-Royce Solutions Lieje, will present us one of our main successes in the industry of Hyperscale Data Centre.

Next Step will be the massive Solutions with Green Hydrogen solutions. There are 3 complementary paths to ride that will provide us netZero solutions to be adapted to each customer need. our colleague Rohit Prasad, as expert in Hydrogen solutions will present Rolls-Royce solutions and will be available for any information that you may need.

Hydrogen, produced decentrally using electrical energy from renewable sources, will play a key role in local energy supply with decentralized microgrids in the future. In addition to the climate-friendly extraction of hydrogen for energy storage with electrolysers, this includes its subsequent use in energy systems based on fuel cells or on hydrogen combustion engines. Further processing of the hydrogen into gaseous or liquid synthetic fuels is also conceivable. With Rolls-Royce's technology portfolio including electrolysers, we aim to provide the green fuels as well as cover end-user applications with fuel cells, H2-Engines, methanol Engines.