Mozart Mello

Managing Director, Uptime Institute

Mozart Mello is Managing Director, Latin America for Uptime Institute with experience in both IT and Facilities, and in many aspects of design, build, operations, migration processes and management. Mello was responsible for the start of Uptime Institute Brazil in May, 2011 and introduced the full complement of Uptime Institute services. In his position, Mello represents and leads the commercial interests of Uptime Institute in Latin America.

Mello started Uptime Institute Network Brazil in 2012 an independent and self-reliant knowledge community exclusively for data center owners and operators. Prior to joining Uptime Institute Brazil, Mello was a Project Manager at CPM Braxis S.A (now Capgemini) in Brazil. As Project Manager, he was responsible for managing important data center projects: the construction of Data Center Tamboré of Telefonica, managing the design of the new Data Center of Santander Bank in Campinas and managed the program at Bradesco Bank from 2003 to 2009, doing assessment, managing design, managing construction of the new Data Center CTI and served as Program Manager responsible for the migration of Mainframes and Open Servers.

Mello previous roles included IT Manager at Nextel Telecommunications, where he managed the IT group responsible for Network Operation, Telecommunications, Service Desk and Data Center Facilities Operation. Mello also served as Senior Support Consultant at Porto Seguro Insurance, where he was responsible for implementing Network Communications between the head office in São Paulo to all branch offices of Porto Seguro in Brazil.  Mello has a degree in Electrical Engineering at Maua Engineering University, Specialization of Systems Analysis at Mackenzie University and also MBA in Business Strategy at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He is fluent in English, Spanish and his native Portuguese.