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20th August, 2014

How to measure the relative performance of the industry’s newest class of software

19th August, 2014

Copper is on its way out, fiber connectivity is on its way in but it is silicon photonics that holds new hope for the future. Penny Jones speaks with Belden technical solutions manager Michael Salvador on the future of cabling

18th August, 2014

Where else could Singapore look for energy savings?

18th August, 2014

Penny Jones finds out more about i3 Solutions Group’s roadmap for energy efficiency, which considers both hardware and software and has been drawn up for Singapore’s data center industry

15th August, 2014

Industry experts offer their views on developments around everything software defined

14th August, 2014

The SMU Lyle School of Engineering has launched the first Masters of Science for the data center industry.

13th August, 2014

DT leads by example but move comes at a cost

12th August, 2014

From internet companies to telecom exchanges, software-defined networking (SDN) is finding a presence in the data center and bringing about a new term –  the software-defined internet exchange

11th August, 2014

How to reduce energy consumption in the data center

7th August, 2014

The problem of licensing in the software-defined data center


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