In the era of cloud and cognitive computing, companies need to accelerate the adoption of innovative business models to remain competitive. How will they create customer loyalty that exceeds that of their current and emerging competitors? IBM can provide the expertise and technology to help organizations design strategies that put APIs at the core of their digital and physical businesses.

The days of organizations operating as lone entities are quickly waning. In our increasingly interconnected world, companies are finding that collaborating with others can help them create new business opportunities, gain competitive advantage and foster innovation. According to our recent Global C-suite Study, more than twice as many CxOs recognize the need for external innovation as those that recognize the need for internal innovation.

One enduring theme emerged from the study: organizations realize they can no longer compete on their own. In fact, almost 70 percent are looking to increase their external partnerships. Companies are turning to APIs to help build these bridges to other organizations and unlock each partner’s unique data and capabilities.