Whether driven by finances, expansions, consolidation, disaster recovery planning or simply wanting to focus resources on core competencies, many firms are now deciding to move a portion or all their data center operations to a third-party data center provider.

  • The benefits of outsourcing your data center include realizing a large reduction in future capital costs, increased reliability, simpler management, a smaller number of employees dedicated to managing the data center, and the ability to expand or reduce the amount of data center space used.

A comprehensive data center RFP includes clear instructions on what information to include, a list of your company’s mandatory requirements, an estimate on the initial number of cabinets, and the power necessary to support current and future growth projections.

  • A RFP is key to give data center providers the opportunity to describe all aspects of their offering, from electrical infrastructure to how they handle deliveries. The RFP should also request information relating to pricing and terms, sample agreements, and floor plans showing where your company’s IT equipment would reside, electrical one-line diagrams, and facilities maintenance records

However, making the outsourcing decision can be a complex and risky task. It is a decision that requires significant change. Despite all the benefits that come with moving to an outsourced data center solution, the struggle to properly outline your business requirements, connect with appropriate third-party data center providers, and then obtain comparable data center provider quotes can require substantial time and resources.

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