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  • Patrick Carney discusses can Data Centers be beautiful? - vO8kS9wPqdY

    Event News Can Data Centers be beautiful?

    Patrick Carney (RKD Architects) discusses how the data center can be beautiful and provides examples how this can improve relationships with multiple stakeholders.

  • Page Awards win

    Page wins DCD Design Team of the Year Award

    Winning the Design Team of the Year Award, at the DCD>Awards 2017, RagingWire selected Page to partner on the design of a new 1 million sq ft TX-1 campus in Garland, Texas.

    Whilst the client has traditionally used in-house design and construction personnel, this unique hybrid integrated project delivery model was developed to work at scale which improved design, quality, speed-to-market, and saved costs.

    This award was sponsored by Vertiv.

  • Mission critical innovation award

    Microsoft beats competition to Mission Critical Innovation Award

    Microsoft’s ‘Stark and Simple’ design collapses the entire energy supply chain, into a small fuel cell at the top of each rack. The result is a very efficient generator that produces electricity and by-products that can be reused; like clean water, high grade heat, and pure CO2.

    This award was sponsored by CBRE