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The sound of gun fire is back at The Bunker, and will remain once a week as police units discharge their fire on the data center ÔÇô built initially during WWII when it served as a military bunker.

A favourite for secure hosting services, including holding celebrity data, The Bunker will now be used by the Metropolitan Police Firearms Unit for specialist police training.

Members of the squad have been undergoing a series of scenarios, including once that sees volunteer members of staff taken hostage by terrorists inside the data center ÔÇô a move that requires tactical insertion to search and clear the area, disable the terrorists and rescue hostages safely without affecting data center operations.

The Bunker 

Fortunate for customers only non-operational areas of the The Bunker are used for the training.

The Bunker's own security staff, however, will learn from the exercise with the team, largely made up of ex-military personnel, will work with the police and learn from their experience during the session.

Training began in the first week of January and will be carried out once a week for a number of months, according to a Metropolitan Police Firearms Unit senior firearms instructor who could not be named.

"Using The Bunker's site with its complex security systems and unusual layout enables us to practice realistic training scenarios," he said.

"Having the use of such a superb venue enables us to develop rigorous and challenging training for our officers. The Bunker's security staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable which aids us tremendously in the preparation, planning and execution of tactical scenarios." 

The Metropolitan Police said the project is highlighting just how important data centers are the community, and the levels of protection they should be assured in a case of emergency.