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Predictive-modeling tools provider Romonet has formed a partnership with Critical Solutions and Innovations (CS&I), an engineering design and commissioning firm.

Romonet’s software suite combines data center engineering and operations with business finance. Its modeling capabilities include not only design, but take into account impact of operational decisions and their financial impact over the facility’s lifetime.

In Romonet’s words, it “ties almost every engineering choice and operational decision to a financial impact.”

CS&I will use Romonet’s software to help optimize data center design and conduct financial modeling. The companies will collaborate on data center design and retrofit projects.

Bret Crossland, PE and founding partner at CS&I, said, “The Romonet Software Suite will assist with both our current design initiatives for redesigns and upgrades for existing data center projects, and will allow us to add additional value in the area of strategic planning at both an operational  as well as a financial level.”

This is one of multiple Romonet partnerships with companies that design and build data centers. Another example is its partnership with Ark Continuity. Ark uses Romonet’s software suite to produce forecasts and to manage operational and financial performance of the business.

Richard Borton, operations director at Ark, said, “Romonet Software Suite is interesting because it encompasses the capability and direction we knew we needed to take for our own internal engineering and operations costs models. Up until recently, we relied heavily on complex spreadsheets and a lot of man hours in order to derive the business finance information from engineering options and operational choices.”