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Microsoft is buying network capacity on Seaborn Networks’ Seabras-1 submarine fiber optic cable between the US and Brazil.

The tech giant needed the capacity to feed its new Azure cloud data center, opened in São Paulo in June. The site serves South Brazi, providing provides cloud services including SQL database.

Last week Seaborn  increased its plans for Seabras to a 6-fiber pair system with a maximum upgradeable capacity to 60Tbp, because capacity on the system is in demand. Seaborn has signed contracts for the entire capacity of the cable’s backhaul from landing stations into São Paulo and New York City.

“We increased the system size in response to the significant pent up demand on the route for lit capacity, spectrum and fiber pairs,” said Seaborn’s CEO Larry Schwartz.

With Microsoft on board, Seabras-1is now sure to be deployed, Seaborn says, offering high speed, high capacity and lowest latency telecommunications between New York and São Paulo.

Seabras-1 is expected to be ready for service in 2016.